Why does electric transportation will change our lives ?

Why does electric transportation will change our lives ?

Human civilization has been depending on fossil fuels for far too long. They are used for multiple purposes, among which transportation is on the top of the list. However, incessant use of these fuel resources have lead to their fast depletion, and scientists are of the opinion that our world will soon run out of them. Furthermore, the use of petro-based fuels is one of the chief factors which contribute to the growing problem of air pollution and global warming. The most obvious and logical solution for this problem, is electricity.

is a clean fuel, and its application in the transportation sector can not only save fossil fuels but also break our dependence on foreign countries for oil import. This will help in strengthening the country’s economy also. To do that, we have to develop compatible automobile designs and models, which can run on electricity, without compromising on speed and performance.

Passenger cars which run on electricity ( see self balancing scooters : hoverboard family ) have been the focal center of electricity run vehicles. However, with the innovation of new and stylish designs of Hoverboards and electric unicycles, it seems like the trend is changing. People prefer these hoverboards for small distance transportation, because they are stylish, eco-friendly and cool. They are also safe, comfortable, can be used on the sidewalk so that you need not worry about the traffic. You can easily order them online from reputed and trusted sites like SegwayFun (Find hoverboard pas cher here :https://www.segwayfun.uk/blogs/latest-news/the-benefits-of-using-hoverboards).

Where do we stand now?

There are many plug in electric vehicles running on the roads, but when we calculate its overall penetration in the passenger car market, it is evident that the electric vehicle revolution has not yet begun. This is mostly attributed to the negative reviews of famous PEVs available nowadays.

In one such incident, when Google took the initiative to launch electrical driverless cars on a commercial scale, the whole project experienced major setback after some of its cars experienced technical snags and went out of control. One such incident which made the headlines was when, a Google car lost direction and hit a bus. The whole incident was caught on camera and posted online.

What are we doing about it.

People may criticize electric cars, but it is just a matter of time before they realize that there is no other alternative to it. Therefore, the government is taking initiatives towards raising awareness regarding the need and benefits of using electrical transportation vehicles.

The Electrical Transportation Program (EPRI) is one such initiative, which encourages research and development of engineering and infrastructure required for the development of energy efficient and high performance electrical vehicles. It also works on creating collaborations between automobile companies and utility industries to work together towards the development and commercialisation of electrical vehicles.

The Electric Generation is a similar public campaign, which works on raising awareness among the general masses regarding the pros and cons of electrical vehicles and encourages them to opt for it

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